How did we get here?

Back in 2002, Infotech started out in a tiny upstairs room in Hartlepool with nothing more than a couple of desks and the all important table football. Today we are still in Hartlepool (and Gateshead) and in the last 3 years alone our business has grown almost 75%.

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and on jobs of all types over the last 15 years. Our customers have and do include the likes of Fairway Foodservice, Heather Mills, Hartlepool Borough Council, Erudus, Ringo Starr, Sage (UK), Tyneside Foodservice, Chas & Dave to name but a few.

We provide Creative services for all businesses that include Web Design, Web Apps, Brochures, Branding, Photography, Aerial Photography, Video, Animation and Social Media. We don’t just build the product, we help build the content for it.

Everyone at Infotech loves what they do and we love nothing more than creating something new and exciting for our customers. If you need something a little different and fresh for your marketing, get in touch.

Some funny facts about us…

Our first ever pitch was to the then Heather Mills McCartney and Paul McCartney in Los Angeles. Well after you’ve pitched to a Beatle in his front room everything else is easy.

The night before our first pitch to Heather, we were invited to a Paul McCartney gig where we stood like Smash Hits competition winners with our programmes in hand drinking alongside the likes of Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, Nicholas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley.

We won only our 2nd job by pitching for a huge contract from Sage (UK) to move all their Website customers to ourselves. With a staff of one at the time it was a bold move. After winning the work they wanted to sign the contract we were so embarrassed at our little office we had the cheek to borrow the building opposite (which we moved into a month later) that was already full of furniture (it belonged to a local office furniture company who had just moved out) and the rest was history. That contract was worth over £1m, not bad for our second job.

Despite taking on a £1m plus contract with just one person (soon to become 10) we were praised by Sage (UK) for being their most successful outsource to that point.

In 2006 we won an award at the Hartlepool Business Awards for Information Technology. What we’re a little less proud of is that the year before was far more successful for us after producing our own in-house eCommerce solution for our Sage customers but we lost to a Fish & Chip restaurant in Seaton Carew who must have out-innovated us as they were giving out cards to their customers asking for their email addresses.