Erudus started life as a system to provide technical data about foodservice products. With the introduction of the FIC in 2014, Erudus was given a major overhaul and released to the whole of the food industry as a nutritional and technical database solution. Our task was to create not only a brand that would be trusted and instantly recognised by a wide range of foodservice companies from manufacturers through to caterers but also the platform to provide these services.


Erudus was initially developed to provide a database of the essential data required by Fairway Foodservice for FIC. Once Erudus became an independent software solution for the wholesale food industry as a whole in 2014 it fast grew into a major tool for the entire industry. Built from the ground up by Infotech Studio it now encompasses data from over 2,700 food manufacturers including Heinz, Kelloggs, Nestle and Unilever to name but a few. It now provides product data for over 60,000 products to over 100 wholesalers.

Erudus One Logo


Once the logo had been agreed, the next step was creating an icon set to denote each of the 14 major food allergens. We looked at what was already available and there was nothing that covered all of the allergens. We decided each icon should sit within a circular border, with the icon itself in its simplest form.  

Icon Sketch
Contains Icon


Some of the allergens were quite challenging. We worked through many initial designs before agreeing the final set below. The completed icon set was then colour coded, using the Erudus traffic light colours of red, amber and green, allowing users could instantly tell if a product contains, may contain or does not contain each allergen. 

Cereal, Peanuts, Soya
Tree Nuts, Milk , Eggs
Fish, Molluscs, Mustard
Sesame Lupin Sulphur Dioxide
Celery - Crustaceans


With the rise of vegetarian and vegan meal options, it seemed only right to include them in the icon set, along with an icon to denote Kosher and Halal products. Again these were colour coded for ease of reference. 

Veg Icon


Initially we created adverts and other marketing materials to introduce Erudus to the foodservice industry. Now that Erudus is an established and thriving company, we are evolving their branding to reflect their growth and importance. The current marketing includes large, bold headers set against close cropped images of various allergen related foods. 

Erudus Brochure


We produced a short animated video introducing the Erudus system and it’s services. For many this video was their first introduction to the Erudus brand and the 14 major allergens icons.

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